So today officially marks my 4th year on tumblr. I’ve had ups and downs, and a change in identity/interests, and have expressed a lot of things on this site. This blog is literally an open diary, of a 1/4 of my life online, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.
But since you may or may not know, I created a new blog, and have partially abandoned this one. I have now decided to fully leave this account, and the history coded with it. This will be my last post here. Thank you following me on here, and hopefully I’ll see you my (sorta, but not really) new blog: EPITOMIS. Thank you for being part of those 4 years.

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moved to EPITOMAE

follow me there, and unfollow this blog

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My mother was right, the world isn’t safe for a girl like me.

But maybe I’m not safe for the world either.

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❝ The people who have these issues with the wives being too bitchy on Breaking Bad are misogynists, plain and simple.

—Vince Gilligan (via champion-of-breakfast)
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doing some experiments with some cool witches

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The hour you can’t miss.

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